Park Policies:

    • Guests and Pets: 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 pets- 3 adults are allowed if no children or pets are also residing in RV.
    • Extra Persons: Daily $5.00 per day per person, Weekly $30.00 per week per person, Monthly $70.00 per month per person aged 6 and above.
  • Check in time is 1:00 and check out time is 12:00 Noon
  • If a guest vacates the site leaving it un-rentable or with extensive cleaning needs such as oil spill, paint, etc., then there will be a $50.00 clean up fee charged to the account Corral has on file.
  • Discounts are granted to daily guests only
  • We do not make reservation more than 45 days in advance.
  • Guests will be charged $20.00 if check out is after 2:30 p.m. and will be charged a full night if check out will be after 5 p.m.
  • NO pop-up campers, travel trailers with expandable ends or non-hard-sided walls, FEMA trailers, converted buses, converted storage containers, horse trailers, or other units that are not RVIA approved. Management reserves the right to deny service if unit is deemed a hazard upon arrival.
  • Truck Campers are only allowed daily stays up to 5 days
  • Tents are not allowed on the property
  • Water usage to fill freshwater tank or portable water tank is $5.00
  • Dumping of any kind is $10.00
  • Utilizing our electricity for an hour is $20.00
  • Notary services are available on property
  • Showers are available but require quarters to use
  • ATM on property
  • 24/7 Washateria


  • A non-refundable $47.00 (one night fee) is required to hold a reservation but also will act as a cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation for any reason
  • Corral RV Park will issue a refund for monthly guests after being transitioned to daily/weekly pricing and a refund is allotted. Refunds will be sent check by mail to the given address and can take up to 30 days to be received. No refunds will be given to daily or weekly guests who leave earlier than their scheduled departure date as that will be considered a cancellation. NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED TO GUESTS THAT ARE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY BY MANAGEMENT

Parking/RV Information:

  • RV’s:
    • Nothing older than 2000
    • Any RV 10 years or older are required to send photos of the front, rear, and both sides of the coach.
    • Photos can be sent to manager@corralrvresort.com
  • Parking:
    • Please use parking space assigned to you. Visitors are to use Guest parking area. No parking on the grass if driveways are provided for your site, seen doing so will result in a $10 damage fee. Do not park in empty RV sites.
    • SPEED LIMIT IN THE PARK IS 10 MILES PER HOUR. Speed bumps are located throughout the property.
  • All water and sewage connections must be free of leaks.
  • No solicitors are allowed on park property


  • Credit/debit cards will be charged a 3% processing fee
  • Returned checks will be charged up to a $40.00 fee (plus penalty fees). No grace periods for Weekly or Daily rents.

Site Information:

  • FENCES AND CLOTHES LINES: ARE NOT PERMITTED. No poles or stakes may be driven into the ground without special permission (because of damaging underground utility lines)
  • Yards are mowed weekly during growing season. Yards are to be always kept in a tidy condition. Please use the dumpsters provided. NO ITEMS ARE TO BE LEFT OUTSIDE OF THE DUMPSTERS.
  • Individual trash containers are not permitted.
  • Items stored outside or under the RV such as enclosed containers, lawn furniture, children’s toys, etc. must be arranged in an orderly fashion. Maintenance may begin their lawn care prior to the ending of quiet times
  • Indoor home items or appliances (i.e. refrigerators, freezers, wash machines, dryers, household furniture, cleaning product, exercise equipment, etc.) may NOT be stored or used outside the RV.
  • PETS:
    • INDOOR PETS ONLY. Pet cages or fences are not permitted outside of RV. Pets Must always be leashed when outside of the RV. Loose pets will be trapped. E-collars or All-in-one collars are not acceptable as leashes. Leashes are not to exceed 6 feet while walking around park.
    • Whenever your pet relieves itself, it is your responsibility to pick up the mess. Caught not doing so, a $20 rule violation fee will be added to your account.

General Information:

  • NO Open-air Fires are allowed
  • PARTIES: Social and friendly gatherings are welcome, provided that such gatherings are not allowed to become boisterous or objectionable to other guests. Loud, vociferous language or bad conduct will not be tolerated. NO ONE is allowed to relieve themselves outside, those seen doing so will be reprimanded. Guests are entirely responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • QUIET TIMES ARE FROM 10:00 pm- 8:00 am. Be courteous to your neighbors and other guests in the park
  • NO personal businesses are to be performed at any site, only management approved vendors are to conduct any business on property.
  • Large propane cylinders are not allowed within the park, RV equipped cylinders only and maximum number of cylinders per site per size: four 20#, three 30#, two 40#! No site is to exceed more than 110# of propane cylinders at any given moment.
  • No Guest is to alter, change, delete, add-on, or in any way tamper with electrical, water, gas, sewer connections, meters, regulator, hook-ups or property of the Park without Park Management’s written approval. You will be charged for the damage to the Parks equipment/property
  • BB guns, slingshots, trampolines, basketball hoops, etc. are not permitted in the Park
  • No alcohol is permitted within either rec room unless granted permission from park management for gatherings, parties, rallies, etc…
  • Adults nor children are allowed to go in between any occupied site at any time unless granted permission by guest residing in the site.
  • Children are to be always supervised while outside the RV and are not allowed in either rec rooms or game room without an adult present
  • Smoking: No smoking allowed in any of our buildings. Do not throw cigarette butts, cigar butts, drink bottles/caps, charcoal, etc…on the ground or in the pond. Please ensure the cigarette is completely out prior to throwing it away in a trash can/dumpster. Caught littering the grounds will result in a $20 cleaning fee.